We are going paperless for the conference. Click on the links below to download materials and slides for each presentation. If you would like printed copies of materials, please print and bring with you to the conference.

Program Guide

  1. Welcome
    Youth Transition Stories Video
  2. Transition Planning for Parents
    Best Practice in Transition Planning: School Services
  3. Tools for Daily Transition
    Visuals, Fidgets, and Timers; Oh my!
  4. Mentor Advocate Partner (MAP) Parent Panel
  5. 500 Course Meetup
    Syllabus and Registration Instructions
  6. Health Care Panel Discussion: From Pediatric to Adult Providers
    Panel discussion – no materials provided.
  7. Transition Resources and Financial Tools
    Alaska Transition Handbook: Pathway to Adulthood and Employment
  8. Rural Transition Resources
    Transition resources in rural Alaska
    Tom Cyrus’ Presentation
    John Cowper’s Presentation
    Sample transition plan and helpful resources.
    More Transition Resources
  9. PATH Planning: Youth Session
    No materials available for download.
  10. PATH Planning: Parent Session
  11. Self Advocacy and Disability Disclosure
    The Good, The Bad and the Ugly: Personal Experiences with Public Self Advocacy
    No materials provided
  12. Post-Secondary Programs for Individuals with Autism – A Parent’s Journey.
    “My child is graduating from High School. What’s next?”
    More transition resources
  13. Soupy Awards
  14. Let’s Play
    The importance of play in occupational, physical, and speech-language therapy to enhance skill development
  15. Parents, Vocational Rehabilitation and Schools Working Together
    Transition to adulthood: It takes a community
  16. Transitions for Changes in Family Dynamics
    Navigating Minor and Major Life Transitions
  17. Housing Options
    Housing Options for Young Adults with Disabilities: A Panel Discussion
    Panel discussion – no materials provided.
  18. Transitioning: From a Kids, Parents, & Autistic’s Point of View
  19. Supported Decision Making
    Future Planning; Supported Decision Making Agreements and Other Alternatives to Guardianship
  20. First Responders and Children/Youth with Special Needs
    Interacting with First Responders: A Listening & Sharing Session
    Panel discussion – no materials provided.
  21. Sexuality and Relationships
    Supporting Sexuality and Relationship Development
    Case Study
  22. Assistive Technology for Daily Transition
    Meeting Your Daily Transition Needs with Assistive Technology