Over the years Stone Soup Group has created a number of materials and publications for families with current health care and school information.

This notebook will help you stay organized and will be your “go to” resource during medical appointments and school meetings.  It has a place for health and educational records, business cards, progress notes and keepsakes.

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We took the 145 page Department of Education Handbook and narrowed it down to 12 easy to digest pages. Get an understanding of Alaska’s Special Education process and become familiar with your family’s rights.

Download a PDF version of the Alaskan Special Education Handbook

From the Governor’s Council on Disabilities & Special Education. Employment is most certainly an achievable outcome for everyone. Many individuals and families are afraid of losing vital benefits or do not completely understand what is available to make employment dreams a reality. This guide has been created to help individuals, families, providers and caregivers understand and navigate the resources and services available in Alaska in order to successfully achieve competitive, inclusive employment. Download a PDF version of the Alaska Transition Handbook: Pathway to Adulthood & Employment

Our bi-annual newsletter keeps you updated on relevant disability information throughout our state.

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