What is Parent Navigation?

Parent Navigation is a service that provides support and assistance to families who have children with special needs. The goal of Parent Navigation is to help families navigate the complex landscape of services, resources, and support available for their child’s unique needs. Here are some key aspects of Parent Navigation:

Parent Navigators take into account the entire family’s needs, not just those of the individual child with special needs. They recognize that families are responsible for piecing together various aspects of support from home, medical care, school, and the community.

Parent Navigators work with families to assess their current situation and identify what resources and support may be missing. They help families understand their options and what services are available.

Parent Navigators provide information about programs, services, and resources that are relevant to the family’s specific situation. They act as a valuable reference and guide, connecting families with the appropriate services and support at school and in the community.

Parent Navigation services are provided at no cost to families, and the support can be ongoing. Families can access Parent Navigation services whenever they need assistance, whether it’s during times of transition, when facing challenges, or simply when they have question.

Families often turn to Parent Navigation during critical moments, such as when they receive a diagnosis for their child, when they need to find the right healthcare provider, when they encounter issues in the school system, or when their child is transitioning out of school, but support is available at any time.

Who Are Parent Navigators?

Parent Navigators are experienced family members of individuals with special needs who are familiar with connecting to resources and support in Alaska. They’ve made the journey and can guide others who may be overwhelmed or less experienced in the process. Many Parent Navigators actively participate in community councils and advisory boards to provide a family perspective as plans and decisions are being made for our community.