We are so happy for Benny and his family! (originally posted by Breanna Brian)

              The last two weeks have been a whirlwind. Tuesday, August 29th, we discovered that an autism service dog needed a forever family who he could help. They trained the dog for meltdowns and elopement. For those who don’t know, meltdowns and elopement are manifestations of my son’s disability….

Brittney’s Story: Part 1

Brittney’s Story: Part 1

Brittney Toalston is sharing her family’s story with us about what it is like to have a family member with special needs in rural Alaska. This story will be delivered in four parts. My family has lived in Barrow, 320 miles north of the Arctic Circle, for the last 29 years. My sister who is…

Welcome to the Stone Soup Group blog!

We are creating this space to share stories and spark conversation between our families and yours. We want this to be a safe, thoughtful, informative, practical connection for parents raising kids with special needs. As SSG’s Executive Director, I was asked to write the inaugural blog post. And, to be honest, I’ve procrastinated. I’ve started and stopped…