We are so happy for Benny and his family! (originally posted by Breanna Brian)

Benny with his new family.
Benny in his new forever home!
August and Benny.








Snuggles for Benny.

The last two weeks have been a whirlwind. Tuesday, August 29th, we discovered that an autism service dog needed a forever family who he could help. They trained the dog for meltdowns and elopement. For those who don’t know, meltdowns and elopement are manifestations of my son’s disability. We have struggled with it for years. When this opportunity presented itself, we were speechless. Nothing has come easy for our family. I have spent well over 10 years fighting to make sure my son receives the services necessary for him to live in the community and have a quality of life. The reality of this blessing didn’t set until this weekend when we met the service dog and received training on how to handle him. Last Tuesday, the 3rd, we welcomed home our new family member, Benny. He is so sweet and has made such an impact on August and our family already! I am beyond grateful for Stone Soup Group and Central Coast Dog Services. These agencies don’t understand how much this means to August. I will forever be indebted to them.