For Families

Classes vary according to need and availability. Check our calendar to see what’s coming up next. Descriptions below are for those frequently requested by families or professionals. Contact us if you are looking for a training that is not listed we may know of other sources in the community.

Join other parents who care for children with special needs. Come together to share ideas on what has helped you along your journey and hear from other parents. Participants meet in a neutral setting once a month. Special guest speakers attend upon request from parents.

This class will help you get ready for your child’s Individualized Education Program (IEP) meeting. Designed for families new to special education, we will cover the basics of IEPs as well as specifics on Alaska and Anchorage laws, policies and procedures. Participants will gain an understanding of special education, evaluation, eligibility standards and by the end will be prepared to meet with the IEP team.

Children with disabilities are bullied two to three times more than those without. This workshop focuses on children with disabilities and is designed for parents and professionals. Together, we explore the dynamics of bullying as well as what we can do to help children address this serious issue.

Depending on availability and family requests, we will provide or facilitate training specific to one type of disability or condition. Past classes have focused on Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD), Autism and Epilepsy.

This class is designed to help parents and caregivers of children who experience special needs and have challenging behaviors. Participants will gain tools and strategies for understanding and preventing inappropriate behaviors and teaching more appropriate ones. Fees may be associated with this training.

This is a great opportunity for children and young adults to socialize and have fun in a safe and comfortable atmosphere. Participants play video games and socialize with others their own age. Snacks are provided. Two groups are offered one for children 5 – 13 years and another for young adults 14+.

This program is designed to teach youth with developmental challenges between the ages of 15 – 22 how to create and maintain healthy relationships. Sessions are held twice a week with group outings over a 10-week period in small co-ed groups of 8 to 10. Topics include: types of relationships, personal boundaries, awareness of resources, sexual health and independent living skills. Fees are associated with this program.

Stone Soup Group attends support and playgroups in Fairbanks. Please stay connected via facebook or call for an updated schedule.

For Professionals

Stone Soup Group offers a unique perspective of systems. We are able to help you connect the dots between family, school, medical and community resources so that you can best understand and serve the people you work with. You can choose from one of the trainings listed below or contact us to customize a training to meet your specific needs.

Stone Soup Group can provide training at your organization or we can accommodate up to 20 individuals in our office. With paid trainings, all materials are provided by Stone Soup Group.

There is SSI, Waivers, DD Apps, mini-grants and eligibility requirements. It can be difficult to understand the system as a whole let alone translate all the acronyms. If you would like your staff to better understand the disability system and options for families, this is the training for you.

This session is for professionals who do not solely work with individuals with disabilities but would like to understand more in general about the topic. We will discuss disabilities you can see, disabilities you cannot, person first language and small things you can incorporate to make sure you are being culturally sensitive and avoiding triggers.

We easily get trapped in our world of acronyms and specializations. It may not always occur to us what it is like for the person sitting on the other side of the table. Explore how as professionals you can include families and individuals with special needs as decision makers through a family-centered approach.

Bullying is a serious issue that needs to be addressed when identified. This training explores the dynamics of bullying, rights, and responsibilities of everyone involved (including schools), as well as provides strategies for creating a positive climate to prevent and end bullying.

Challenging behaviors arise because of an inability to communicate one way or another. Get an overview of how some brains function differently. Discuss alternative communication techniques to minimize challenging behaviors.