Education in Alaska – What’s important to you?

There will be opportunities to meet with legislatures across Alaska in February and March! If you are involved with special education this is a good opportunity to let your voice be heard. Active Surveys: Some legislators are conducting weekly surveys, links in their newsletters Rep. Matt Claman Rep. Paul Seaton

Today we celebrate!

Not so long ago, just a few short years , on the first day of school, I sat in the parking lot of my son’s school sobbing my heart out as he started school. He experiences autism, and needs a very high level of support.

Graduation Day!

Graduation Day. It’s here. After more than 15 years of school. A day filled with pride, excitement, anticipation…and relief. A day we were never sure we would have the opportunity to celebrate. There were no guarantees he would graduate. And, as with most things concerning Connor, he kept us guessing until the very last assignment…