Infant Learning Programs (ILP) are for children from birth to age three.

These program can assist you by providing information and support that promotes your child’s development. Federal law (Individuals with Disabilities Education Act or IDEA) ensures programs exist for children birth to three when screening reveals an eligible delay. You create an Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP). Activities, therapies, parent education, resources and transition planning may be part of your child’s IFSP. Services take place in your home or a community-based setting like a playgroup at the ILP center. There are also specialized services for children with vision and/or hearing loss. 

For more information about Alaska’s ILP programs, visit Alaska Department of Health.

Early Childhood Educators are an important part of early intervention and preschool services. They have been trained in child development and teach skills that will help your child’s development. These professionals are qualified to assess each area of development for your child. They often work directly with families. An Early Childhood Educator can be a resource for the whole family . Early Childhood Educators may be housed in ILPs and other early intervention settings.

Head Start is a national program that provides comprehensive child development, nutrition, health, and family support services for children three to five years old. There are eligibility requirements. Some programs provide transportation.

For more information about Alaska’s Head Start and Early Head Start programs, visit