Gateway to the Arctic: Employment Summer Skills Camp


This summer, July 8th through12th, was the first-ever Employment Summer Skills Camp. Held at Gateway to the Arctic, eligible students ages 15 to 22, spent the week learning various life skills. Some of which included basic agricultural skills, carpentry skills, wilderness safety skills, and culinary skills. In addition to the skill of the day, students worked on improving soft job skills, participated in team building, and built life maps. During downtime, students had fun playing volleyball and disc golf. Many students even joined in on some dancing!

This camp was a first for most who attended. Some challenging scenarios required students to step outside of their comfort zone. It was not always easy, but each student succeeded admirably. Throughout the week students learned more about themselves, as well as their likes and dislikes.  Through the process of self-discovery, campers found similarities in others.

The week of camp was a HUGE success! Staff and volunteers at the camp were wonderful. Stone Soup Group looks forward to partnering with Gateway to the Arctic in the future.